When wood is freshly cut it has a high moisture content making up 40-50% of its overall weight, at this stage the wood is considered 'wet' or 'green'. Wet wood makes poor firewood, as it does not combust efficiently and releases harmful substances as it burns.


This is why we season our firewood. 

Our wood is sourced from local FSC managed woodlands, which means the forests are managed responsibly and sustainably. Once the wood arrives at our processing yard, we get straight to work splitting and cutting it into logs.


These are packaged into 1.5m3 nets on top of pallets and stored in open-walled barns.

This allows open air circulation, which ensures the firewood is properly dried. 

Our firewood is seasoned like this over a long period of time for the best firewood product. 

Seasoned firewood - cheaper, efficient and environmentally sustainable


It is recommended that firewood is dried to <20% moisture for efficient burning and to reduce the release of harmful pollutants. There are two common methods used for this, seasoning and kiln-drying. These are both readily available to buy, but why should you choose seasoned firewood over kiln dried?


1. Sustainability

Seasoned firewood is better for the environment. Once the logs have been split, cut and stored, they are left to dry naturally. In comparison, kiln-dried firewood is heated in kilns to a moisture content of <20%. This requires extra energy and resources, which are not used in the natural drying process. Kiln drying is not regulated, especially for imported wood, so it is possible that diesel, petrol and other fuels are used to dry the wood.

2. Moisture content

Seasoned firewood is dried to ambient moisture levels, so when it is stacked in outdoor stores the moisture won't change. 

Kiln-dried firewood can be dried to very low moisture, but once they are stacked outdoors, they quickly reabsorb the moisture from the air. Consequently, there is little difference between the moisture content of seasoned and kiln-dried firewood. 

3. Price

Seasoned firewood is often cheaper than kiln-dried firewood. 

Studies show that seasoned and kiln-dried firewood are effectively identical.

There is almost no difference in the heat energy they supply or the waste products they produce. 

Do you want a sustainable and effective fuel source at a reasonable price?

Then seasoned firewood is for you!

Want to know more?

The following studies and reports provide more detail on seasoned firewood.

  • 'Firewood Buying and Burning Tips' by Paul J. Pugliese - available here
  • 'Storage and seasoning of conifer and broadleaf firewood' by Pieter D. Kofman and Tom Kent - available here
  • 'Heat Output Tests' by BSRIA - available here

2024 Price

24 x Flamer firelighters £5.00

Kindling £6.50/net

Grab bag Refill £17.50

+ Bag £5.00

Barrow bag Refill £50.00

+ Bag 10.00


8" Loose  Firewood

1.0m³ £135.00


10" 0r 14" Loose Firewood Delivered

Bulk Bag £100

1.5m³ £195.00

3.0m³ £375.00

4.5m³ £555.00

6.0m³ £735.00


Firewood pricing includes VAT @ 5%