A family business providing locally sourced, seasoned firewood, to Ringwood and the surrounding area. 

 Fantastic firewood that is perfect for your wood burners


We source our wood from local FSC managed woodlands, then our expert team split and store the firewood to dry over the seasons. 

The firewood is stored in 1.5 meter bales, in ventillated stillages which enables a natural drying process. It is loose in the bale with air gaps to breath, not stacked.

The firewood we offer is a mixture of ash, beech, birch and oak hardwood. 

Which is available in lengths of 8, 10 or 14 inches - check the width of your burner for the optimum size.

England's Firewood offer a professional delivery service, arranged at a time convenient to the customer. As well as a bulk deliveries/ collection for trade and wholesale. Stacking is available by arrangement, this service is chargeable.



We are now taking orders for firewood deliveries commencing September 2024


Our bunker at the Ringwood yard remains stocked for log collection

-Collection is only by our 'Grab Bag' & 'Barrow Bag' service-

Grab Bag refill £17.50 (Bag +£5.00)

Barrow Bag refill £50.00 (Bag +£10.00)


Delivered Loose Firewood 


1m³ £135.00


10" &14"

Bulk Bag £100

1.5m³ £195.00

3.0m³  £375.00

4.5m³ £555.00

6.0m³ £735.00


Kindling £6.50/bag

Woodwool firelighters £5.00

prices include vat @5%


Stacking service by arrangement - £30.00 for the first half hour

then +£20.00 per 15 min - So if your log shed is accessible by our delivery vehicle; ½ hr is appropriate. If your log shed is around the the back of the house - allow at least an hour.